Virgin Sesame Oil

Brand: LOil

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Positive Mind, Positive Life!

L Oil Virgin Sesame Oil is produced in the most natural way possible, no chemicals or additives are used. The finest of white sesame seeds are mechanically cold pressed then filtered, producing the very best in Sesame oil in the market today for all your culinary needs. No chemicals are used to extract this oil. This oil is non-toasted, thus avoiding any nutrient loss in the toasting process.

Used in salads and cold dishes. The L oil Virgin sesame oil is added at the end of a stir fry dish for a tremendous depth of flavour as well as Vitamin E and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Excellent for flavouring vinaigrettes.


L Oil Virgin Sesame oil contains several important antioxidants, sesamolion and sesamol, bellowed to promote cell integrity and the healthy function of body tissues in the presence of oxidizing compounds.

The antioxidants sesaminol and sesamollnol maintain facts, including low- density lipoproteins (LDL), in an unoxidized state. Vitamin E a fat-soluble antioxidant, Protects the body from harmful oxidizing compounds.

It is a healthy cooking oil which is excellent for salad dressings and, in general, for use in all kinds of food preparations where you want improved flavor and nutritional properties.

Sesame oil contains gamma-tocopherol, which has little vitamin E activity. However, the sesamonal and sesamin found in sesame oil, increases vitamin E activity dramatically, acting synergistically with vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to provide antioxidant protection to the body, as well as protecting the sesame lignans from oxidative degradation.

The finest of white sesame seeds are mechanically cold pressed then filtered, producing the very best.


Thanks to its wealth of oleic and linoleic acids, sesame oil is known to ward off all sorts of maladies: it contains two antioxidants which reduce the absorption of cholesterol and helps the liver neutralize its production. Additionally, it contains lecithin, an essential nutrient for the nervous system, the brain and the endocrine system, which makes it a remedy for memory and intellect problems.

Energy 857 Kcal / 3558 kj
Total Fat 100g
Poly unsaturated 42.8g
Mono unsaturated 42.8 g
Saturated 14.4 g
Vitamin E 7.3 mg